Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here are the next installments of the Sketchup model with the additions of a window and insulation. The first illustration is a kind of section outlining the different components, Red: Studs, Yellow: Noggins, Blue: Cripple Stud, Pink: Sill trimmer, Purple: Jack Studs, Cyan: Lintel, Green: Top & Bottom plate, plus the timber window and Styrofoam insulationThe bottom illustration is a more complete look of the current stage. The brick component has no structural relevance what so ever, it is mainly concerned with the thermal mass qualities such as R-values, more about that later,
Took a trip to Bunnings Warehouse today to look at which materials are available and discovered the variety was lacking so might try and find a second hand building materials outlet in the local area instead to source materials.

Next installment will include cladding and how to achieve a water proof finish...

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